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Comparing The Best Electric Smokers For Perfect BBQ

If it is convenience you are primarily after, you would probably like to consider an electric smoker. A lot of purists will argue that you don't get the same flavors as from charcoal, but many people are extremely satisfied with the results they can achieve. Most of the flavor can be achieved with quality wood chips, and the charcoal flavor is something best left for the grill not the smoker.

We will compare the following three electric models: The Masterbuilt 20070106 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker, The Old Smokey Electric Smoker and lastly the Bradley BTIS1 Original Fully Automatic 4-Rack Outdoor Food Smoker

Best Electric Smoker Reviews

Masterbuilt 20070106 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker

Masterbuilt electric smoker review Masterbuilt's model under consideration is the 20070106 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker. It is almost identical in appearance to the Bradley smoker described below, but the controls are located on top of the smoker instead of alongside making them more accessible and making the unit take up less floor space. It has a digitally programmable controller with a safety and time cut out, and a four rack configuration. A side mounted wood tray and rear accessible grease tray make it simple to refuel and clean. The patented air damper design allows perfect smoke control.

The Masterbuilt design is fully insulated so it is both economical and environmentally friendly. The four racks give an impressive amount of smoking space, and it is easy to keep different items separated from each other. The amount of perfect control that this model gives your smoking will get excellent repeatable results and quite large quantities of smoked foods. Learn more about this smoker

Old Smokey Electric Smoker

Old Smokey electric smoker review The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is the simplest and cheapest of the three. It is a standard 'urn' configuration with a good quality of construction and a great track record. The body is made in aluminized steel. Wood chips can be placed in a tray above the heating element so all the authentic smoky flavours can be added even with an electric smoker. A no fuss gauge can be mounted in the lid allowing you to control temperatures, and the lid's design allows juices to drip back onto the food, a feature that you don't get with the other two models.

Two levels of grills allow a lot of food to be smoked. Overall this is a classic, simple, extremely functional smoker. Customers have found this to be an ideal starter smoker for someone who wants an electric one, with a good price tag. Simple basic controls might not give as much flexibility as some models, but it does make the smoking process less of an effort and allows perfectly good results for the casual smoker. Learn more this smoker

Bradley Smokers Original Smoker (33.5 x 17.5 x 20.25-Inch)

The Bradley Smokers Original Smoker makes home smoking easy and convenient. With an automatic wood feeder system and consistent, accurate temperature control, you take guesswork out of attaining the perfect smoke. The automatic wood bisquette feeder system enables clean, continuous smoke for up to eight hours without re-fueling.

This Bradley Smokers Original Smoker features:
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • Comes with 4 removable racks and our simple to use temperature controls, which provide a consistent and controlled smoke and temperature
  • Can be used as a slow cooker or a slow roasting oven
  • Maximum Temperature 250-Degree F
  • Minimum Temperature Ambient
  • Simple to use temperature controls provided consistent and controlled smoke
  • Can hold up to eight hours of smoke
  • Separate burners for generator and oven
  • Automatic smoke generator
  • Insulated stainless steel interior
  • Four fully supported racks
  • 1-Year Warranty from date of purchase
The regular sales price is around $250 on Amazon which is a good deal for all this smoker can do for you. You could even get special 6 month financing to pay it off over time. Take a look at one of the best electric smokers you can buy, the Bradley Smokers Original Smoker.

Bradley BTIS1 Original Fully Automatic 4-Rack Outdoor Food Smoker (Discontinued by the manufacturer)

Bradley electric smoker review If you want to compare another automatic four rack outdoor smoker, then the Bradley BTIS1 may just be what you are looking for. It has a stunningly simple design including a stainless steel interior that gives you an amazing 2288 cubic inch workspace. The front opening door and door mounted thermometer make it convenient and simple to use. Small wood bisquettes are usually used, in the automatic fuel feed mechanism. These only need to be refuelled every 8 hours or so. This means that for the frequent smoker you can leave things overnight without having to check on refuelling.

The automatic temperature control allows you to be confident that your smoking will be successful, and the classic style is easy to use and keep clean with its tray and drip bowl. For wet smoking you have to keep an eye on the water level from time to time, but especially dry smoking is effortless and fun with this model. It would not be difficult to smoke a lot of food with this unit. Learn more about this smoker

The smokers we have discussed above are all excellent in their own ways, but as a dedicated electric convenience junkie I would probably want an automatic smoker rather than the manual Old Smokey style. Saying that, unless I thought I would use my smoker all the time, the significantly cheaper and simpler Old Smokey would win hands down. All three would make an excellent choice, but from pure functional excellence my favorite would have to be the Bradley four rack electric smoker. I love the way it does all the hard part for you, yet you still get the best smoked goods that you can make.

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